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Children at El Sigiloso

Each holiday home is designed to be child friendly and the surrounding countryside offers endless possibilities for the children.

If you have small children or a baby with your holiday group we have a children’s bed and a baby high chair on hand. A baby playpen is available on request. During the summer the baby playpen can be placed outside.

Each holiday home is equipped with toys to suit children of all ages and there are a number of family DVDs to choose from.

School holidays are very popular at El Sigiloso and there are often many children staying in the Holiday homes ensuring that there are plenty of other children to play with, which allows you more time to relax and take in the surrounding Andalucian beauty.

Spring and autumn are ideal times to bring babies and small children to the child friendly holiday home as the temperature is very pleasant with lots of sun.

Outside of your holiday home you can find a variety of different toys such as building blocks, a toy tractor and a toy car. There is also a sandpit and a small slide to give the children plenty to do.

If that was not enough there is also a well equipped swimming pool with more toys and inflatable’s for the children to play with. The swimming pool also has spotlights so that the adults can enjoy some romantic, late night summer swimming. The swimming pool has fenced access to prevent the children swimming without supervision. A small inflatable swimming pool is also available on request and can be placed on the terrace outside your holiday home, if this is more suitable for a baby or small children.

We have three children of our own who are always happy to play with the other children and go swimming with them or even take the children on an adventure in to the surrounding countryside. There is also a nearby stream and tree house for all of the children to enjoy.

From your holiday home you can walk with your children to the nearby stream or “arroyo” and make small dams or catch tadpoles. During the summer months why not take the family on a pleasant walk to the Rio Grande River.

As we have said the holiday home is also suitable for children with special needs. The bedroom is spacious enough to make manoeuvring a wheelchair easy and the bunk beds mean that a brother or sister can be close by to help out.

A family holiday is not always about the children though so we have English speaking baby sitters on hand to look after your children whilst you take some time to yourself.

Enjoy your child-friendly stay at El Sigiloso!

Holidays with children in Andalucia

Andalucia offers a number of activities for children and adults to enjoy:

The largest amusement park in Southern Andalucia is Tivoli World: www.tivoli.es. Tivoli is a huge amusement park with attractions for children of all ages. With a free fall tower, speed karting and Roller Coasters for the older children, and merry-go-round and play trains for the smaller children. Tivoli World can be found in Benamaldena which is approximately 20 miles away from the holiday home.

For children and adults of all ages Fuengirola offers a delightful zoo. Here you can see the gorillas, monkeys, hippos, leopards and more. The resort of Fuengirola borders Benalamadena and is just less than 20 miles away from the holiday home. To find out more about the zoo please visit: www.zoofuengirola.com.

If your children like water then Aqualand in Torremolinos is the place to go. Aqualand is the largest water park in Andalucia. It is located only 10 minutes from the centre of Torremolinos and has a wide selection of great water rides and fun pools. There are rides for children of all age groups and some rides such as the Kamikaze which require a little more courage. For more information visit www.agualand.es. Torremolinos is about a 30 minute drive from the holiday home.

Andalucia offers mile after mile of stunning beaches bordering the Mediterranean Sea. At the beach you can rent a variety of boats or simply sit and relax with cold drink at one of the many Chiringuito’s whilst the children play in the sand and sea. There are many beaches on the coast of Andalucia, some more private than others.

Málaga city offers plenty for adults and children alike. Malaga is a beautiful and somewhat underestimated city with a large castle and gardens which you can enter from down town and walk through to the top of the hill. It is here you can see the busy port filled with cruise ships and the park filled with trees and plants from over the world as well as a playground for the children. As you would expect from any city centre in Andalucia there are limitless bars, restaurants, plazas, shops and a number of interesting museums for both the adults and the children to enjoy. Malaga City Centre is a 25-30 minute drive from the holiday home.

If you venture further inland you will come across El Chorro where there are three beautiful turquoise lakes surrounded by pine forests and mountains. Andalucia offers this tranquil retreat where you can swim, fish or picnic on the lake shore. El Chorro is also famous for the “El Camino del Rey”. A walkway pinned to the face of a gorge some 100 m. above the river. El Chorro is less than an hour’s drive from the holiday home.

25 miles to the north of Malaga is El Torcal de Antequera Natural Park, one of the most dramatic and exceptional landscapes in Andalucia. It is a surreal lunar grey limestone plateau dating back to the Jurassic period and is characterised by its weathered natural sculptures. Three walks have been sign posted in the area making it an ideal place for adults and children to visit and experience nature. El Torcal is a little further inland and will take just less than two hours to reach from your holiday home.

At just under one and a half hours away from the holiday home is Ronda. Despite being the fastest growing town in Andalucia, Ronda has retained much of its historic charm, particularly its old town, famous worldwide for its dramatic escarpments and views, and for the deep El Tajo gorge.

If you fancy a little taste of Britain you can leave Andalucia and Spain behind and visit Gibraltar. In Gibraltar you can find real British pubs and shops. There are even good old fashion British bobbies on patrol. You can take a cable car to the top of the rock of Gibraltar to see the famous monkeys and witness the breath taking views of the island, Spain and even Africa. Don't forget to bring your passport though! Gibraltar is one hour thirty minutes away. Add a little extra time to cross the border though and try to avoid crossing at peak working times.

One thing you will notice about Spain and in particular Andalucia is that children are welcome almost everywhere, be that in bars or restaurants regardless of time of day. As a result you are free to enjoy your holiday wherever and whenever you like.

For more ideas on places to visit please check the folder located in your holiday home.



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